Rosie Gabrielle Wants Everyone To Let Her Live in Peace

The Canadian solo traveler, Rosie Gabrielle, who recently announced that she embraced Islam has now requested everyone to let her live in peace.

Taking to her Instagram, Rosie Gabrielle wrote about the positive response she has been getting following her announcement. The solo traveler added that she just wanted to share some beautiful news “not knowing it would escalate to this degree.”

Rosie Gabrielle further wrote that she has been suffering from high fever since yesterday. Moreover, she also shared how different news channels have been trying to get her online for their ‘entertainment’ without caring about her health.

“News channels have been non-stop calling me-hounding me, not even caring that I’m sick, only wanting to drain my value for their entertainment,” she wrote.

Rosie Gabrielle also pointed the numerous fake accounts operating on social media with her name. She disclosed that she has received hundreds of marriage proposals. The Canadian solo traveler termed these marriage proposal “quite disturbing.”

“People sharing with me on ‘how to be a good muslim’, i don’t need any advice, thank you. I’m a good person and i follow my path and that is good for me. I’m very happy that everyone is so supportive and excited but that is all a little too much for me right now and going to have to take to take break from social media for a bit,” She added.

Rosie Gabrielle also requested news channels not to contact her as she is not a “hot topic. Furthermore, she also requested everyone to report the fake accounts with her name on Twitter.


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