Watch: Saba Qamar brutally ROASTS Sohail Warraich in her recent unfiltered YouTube video!

She went all out!

Saba Qamar is a renowned name in the Pakistani entertainment industry associated with top movies and TV shows. Thanks to the Bollywood Movie ‘Hindi Medium’, where she starred alongside Irfan Khan, the actress has even garnered a fan base in India.

Yet, what genuinely makes her stand out is the fact that she is one of the few people that have held her ground through all these years.

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Saba never lets her success take her to a point of un-relatability; she still always feels like a real person. Possibly, that is why the woman prefers honesty and truthfulness in her speech over ‘sounding right’ or giving a diplomatic answer.

Recently, Saba joined YouTube and is using the platform to unveil the hidden truths about the industry from the perspective of a Pakistani TV celebrity.

Her new video, titled ‘Episode 2: The Chay Show featuring Saba Qamar’, really gets the truth out there by her reenactment of being in an interview.

Two minutes into the video, we all can tell who the parody is of – Sohail Warraich, the host of the famous ‘Aik din geo ke saath’ interviews.

The recreation on her YouTube channel is a compilation of Saba’s actual answers vs her internal monologue in response to Sohail Warraich’s ridiculous questions. And it is HILARIOUS.

Question: “Ap abhi tak inti tar-o-taza hain”

Saba: “Mein sabzi hoon? Tar-o-taza?”

The editor deserves a medal for the comical mood set throughout the video.

Concealed in humor, a very important message has been put forth by Saba. The video is an on-point description of the ridiculous questions female celebrities in Pakistan have to deal with.

It shows us how ‘interviews’ are just a means to question the stars about their dating life, get an update on their marriage decisions – like the work they do is the least important thing about them.

When are you getting married, having your first child, having the second – the fiftieth and are you going to let your husband have a second wife?” is everything we revolve around. Isn’t it time we move on to asking the female celebrities questions that are actually more insightful?

It seems like nothing is going to change – not anytime soon at least.

The Original Interview:

Saba Qamar’s Parody:

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  • My response after watching the interview?

    I would say, Saba Qamar is an incredibly attractive woman.

  • she is soooooooooooo funny unbelievable, I love it as this guy regardless of his doodh wala personality is a freaking corrupt motu. myself and wife really enjoyed, lol

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