VIDEO: Saba Qamar’s latest vlog on society’s ‘double standards’ is a must-watch!

Her latest vlog about our society's dual standard is making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons.

Saba Qamar, Pakistan’s arguably most loved actress, has not just won hearts in Pakistan but also made millions of fans in India.

Her latest vlog about our society’s dual standard is making the rounds on the internet for all the right reasons.

With the increasing obsession of marriages and social pressure on girls, society has suffered a lot, and many have fallen prey to mental health issues. Although people have been ignoring these stereotypes but Saba Qamar won’t keep her lips zipped!

There is no doubt that a girl has to go through a painful rishta process, and she is judged based on her looks, weight, and color complexion.

The Baaghi actress has tackled the issue in a very comical manner.

Saba has clarified that she supports marriage but not business through marriage.
Ever since she has started sharing videos on YouTube, her work has received a lot of appreciation for her informative videos, and people are enjoying it.

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