Saboor Aly snubs Aamir Liaquat in live TV show for flirting with her [VIDEO]

''I want you to look at me with cleaned eyes. There should be modesty and kindness in your eyes when you look at me.''

Recently, Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari were invited to the show Jeeway Pakistan, hosted by Amir Liaquat. During the show, the actress almost lost her cool with the host.

The show host Amir Liaquat is a controversial personality who often makes headlines for his strange behavior. Recently, he has been making the rounds on social media for his ‘naagin dance’ video. Following the dance video, his alleged third wife’s statement stirred a new controversy for Amir Liaquat.

A New Controversy – Latest Episode of Jeeway Pakistan

During the latest episode of his Ramadan special show, Jeeway Pakistan, Amir Liaquat attempted to flirt with guest Saboor Aly on various occasions. The actress seemed uncomfortable with the flirting; however, she patiently ignored it for the most part.

Amir Liaquat even went ahead to say that Saboor Aly should work with him in Naagin 2 (a pun on his viral naagin dance video). The actress politely refused the offer and said:

Only you are best suited for this type of content.

However, Saboor Aly lost her cool during a segment of the show. Amir Liaquat kept staring at her while making unnecessary remarks, to which the actress made him realize she is uncomfortable. Saboor Aly sarcastically said:

I want you to look at me with cleaned eyes. There should be modesty and kindness in your eyes when you look at me.

Amir Liaquat instantly turned his eyes away from the actress and made sure not to look at her again. However, throughout the rest of the show, he didn’t give up the flirting and continued to test her patience.

Watch the full episode of the show here:

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