‘Internally, I am very simple’, Sadaf Kanwal talks about her life, past relationships [VIDEO]

The model made her way to the silver screen back in 2017.

Sadaf Kanwal is undoubtedly one of the most bankable faces in the Pakistani fashion industry for a few years now. She has numerous ‘Best Model’ awards to her name. The model made her way to the silver screen  in 2017.

The model-turned-actress Sadaf Kanwal has been a part of the news ever since she shared her Nikkah’s photos with Shahroz Sabzwari on social media. Many people believe that Nikkah’s actual event took place a month ago, but the couple did not share the news until now.

The internet is divided over Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal’s marriage. Ever since the couple shared their Nikkah’s pictures on their Instagram handles, that too with the comments section off,  netizens declared both of them guilty of having an extramarital affair while Shahroz was married to Syra Yusaf.

The couple has turned down all such accusations and said that nothing was going on between them.

Here is an old video of Sadaf Kanwal from a videocast with Wajahat Rauf aka The Voiceover Man. While talking about his past relationships, Sadaf shared: “Apparently, I am very modern, but internally I am very simple.”

Following her statement, the host Wajaht Rauf asked Sadaf: “Why do you change boyfriends like clothes?”

“I think normal people do the same. I am very young.”, said the actress.


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  • Isko dekh ke tu khara hua beth jaye.

    she is too ‘masculine’ in both looks and behavior. How did she even become a model?

  • Sherry used to be so innocent when we were kids. We grew up together until early 2000s. Who would have thought he would grow up to become a cunt.

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