Saddar Mamnoon Hussain Was Spotted At Pakistan Day Parade And People Couldn’t Hold Their Excitement – See How They Reacted

Well, we all are a little excited when national celebratory events come around because let’s be honest, what’s better than a holiday in the middle of the week? But another thing that excites entire Pakistan is that one these special occasions, they get to witness the beloved Mr President as well.
Pakistanis couldn’t hold their excitement this year as well when they saw Saddar Mamnoon Hussain on their television screens on the event of Pakistan day, 23rd March.

The day reminds us of the countless sacrifices that our ancestors gave to secure our future and reminds us about the duty we have towards this beautiful country. The day is knitted with a weave of nationalism and our commitment towards contributing for the better. It holds importance for so many reasons and every Pakistani has a special affiliation with it, but the special, rare and once in a blue moon appearance of President in front of the public eye just makes is all even more special.

Spirits drenched in patriotism, the excitement doubled when they saw President being welcomed in all his glory. Without wasting a second, people started trying their wit and took to Twitter to express their feelings.

Here is what the Twitterati has to say:

People were overwhelmed to see that most important personality has graced us all with his special appearance on the event.

And surely, SOMEONE had to complaint about personal affairs as well and honestly, it was quite relatable to it as well.

We didn’t see it with this aspect. What if it disturbed his sleep?

Others had almost the same thing to say, but let’s be real, it was hilarious EVERY SINGLE TIME! Here is the most repetitive joke on President’s appearance:

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