Sahir Lodhi ‘Justifies’ Kids Dancing On Item Songs In His Show – Read It And Decide Yourself

After Zainab rape and murder case, the debate regarding child sexual abuse has gained immense heat.  Gradually people have started to talk about the factors that are likely to propagate this inhumane behavior, and media has repeatedly been repeatedly criticized for showing ‘inappropriate’ stuff is one of the contributing factors.

Source: Instagram/iqrarulhassan_official

We can’t deny that media and social media platforms have provided every person access to the outside world, but at the same time, we cant turn our faces to the power they have to control one’s mind and perception.

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Sexualisation of children in Sahir Lodhi’s show ‘’Aap Ka Sahir’’ has been actively criticized by people as well as media. Even prior to this, in season 1 of the dance show that features little kids dancing on item songs, for the most part,  received notice from PEMRA as well for the inappropriate content.

However, the massive viewership it garnered ended up with it still gracing our television screens. The show faced aggressive backlash across social media, and people demanded straight up ban on the show.

Neglecting the received hate and criticism at first, Sahir now decided to finally address it. Sahir has previously also called the vulgar dance steps as ‘encouraging talent’ and he still supports that notion. Sahir insisted that the show can serve people with weak financial backgrounds to advance with their talent. He brought one of the children who performed on his show to justify it as well. According to the story told, Sufiyan and his brother suffer from a medical condition that doesn’t allow them to physically grow.

He added that the treatment is expensive and lays beyond their affordable range, both brothers will use their talent to pave their way and be financially able to provide for their treatment.

We leave it to you to decide if it justifies these inappropriate programs or not. Apart from being a critique, we need to also review what we are preferring to watch as well. We watch it, give it ratings and media provide it for us.

To change it, we need to practically reject these programs as well along with the shallow promises we make.

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