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Saima Khan Murder: Woman slaughters sister for her husband

In a documentary on Friday, the foreign media reported Saba Khan, 29, became consumed by jealousy after starting a four-year affair with older sister Saima's husband, Hafeez Rehman.


A crazy woman paid PKR 1 million for a witch doctor to kill her sister before knifing her 68 times in a dreadful bloodbath to steal her husband.

In a documentary on Friday, the foreign media reported Saba Khan, 29, became consumed by jealousy after starting a four-year affair with older sister Saima’s husband, Hafeez Rehman.

Saba probed into horrible means for killing Saima including buying poison, poisonous snakes and studying black magic.


Saba finally decided to buy a knife from Tesco before killing the 34-year-old in a hysterical attack in 2016 as her four young children were sleeping upstairs.

Saba stabbed her sister 68 times and cut her throat as her seven-year-old niece terrifyingly screamed down the stairs: “Are you killing a mouse?” After leaving her sister’s slaughtered body in the Luton home they all shared, Khan then told a set of lies as she played the role of the weeping sister.

Former detective Peter Bleksley said, “Saba was obsessed with Hafeez. She desired him to be completely her own, and she would stop of nothing to try and achieve that.”

Love Triangle

Taxi driver Hafeez was 21 when first met Saba and developed feelings for her. The couple was later engaged in secret romance at the family home while Saima was at work.

Hafez even started “inquiring whether marrying Saba would be permissible in Islam”.

Saba meanwhile was developing a deadly obsession with her brother-in-law and began researching killing methods online to murder her sister.

In this process, Saba came across a witch doctor in Pakistan to “put a spell” on Saima to “bring about her early death”.

In haunting messages, Saba texted him: “Sorry to bother you again and again. My friend is distraught now Hafeez does not even look at her. He says he realizes his mistake. You kill Saima as quick as possible so Saba can get her Hafeez back.”

On the 23rd of May, 2016, Saima was attending a late-night funeral at a local mosque with Hafeez and other family members, while Saba looked after her four nieces and nephews.

However, Saba texted Saima to come home quickly as the children.

Violent Act

Saba then turned off the lights and started waiting for her sister. Within a few seconds of Saima stepping into the pitch-black hallway, Saba had attacked her with a knife. She pounced her in the skull and face and severing her jugular.

Despite her lies, Saba was arrested after cops found bloodstained clothing and a knife hidden in her bedroom.

She was prisoned for life with a minimum of 22 years in 2017 after pleading guilty to murder her sister.

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