Sajal Aly’s transformation shows how Pakistani fashion trends changed over last 10 years

The general trend in the older days emphasized fair complexion, which is why she was often seen with a lot of makeup on her face.

The actress, Sajal Ali, best known for her organic performances joined the entertainment industry at a very tender age. One of the reasons that she is loved so much by everyone today is the fact that she has always been open to challenging roles. 

The young actress’s priority has always been her performance and she has not made it an issue as to how she looked on screen. However, ever since she appeared on the silver screen, things changed. Her styling and overall look have drastically changed, and the transformation has left people in awe. 

The need for this change depicts how Pakistani fashion trends have changed over time. Here are two pictures of Sajal Ali, one from her very first drama and the other is a recent one. It is quite evident how ‘cute’ is perceived has changed over time.

The Make-up and Styling

Sajal never needed any cosmetic surgeries to look good. However, for quite a while now, she has been surrounded by the best makeup artists who make sure that her naturally beautiful features are highlighted. The general trend in the older days emphasized a fair complexion, which is why she was often seen with a lot of makeup on her face.

Styling outfits has become an integral part of today’s world. The kind of outfits Sajal is seen wearing in dramas these days make sure that they have some style.

Photoshoots – Then and Now

Her old photoshoots could not look any worse, especially after seeing her completely transformed look. 

Overdone hairstyles and make-up overshadowed her delicate natural look. But now, the transformation of her style has improved her overall look in photoshoots as well as screenplays.

Looking at this comparison, it is quite evident that the industry has developed new standards of beauty. There is no place for the cakey make-up anymore.

The fashion trends have changed – for good!


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