Salahuddin Case: Hospital releases footage which shows that ATM thief was brought dead

  • The latest footage shows that the ATM thief was brought dead to the medical facility.
  • The focal person of the hospital Rana Ilyas Ahmed has confirmed that the hospital administration had released the footage.


Custodial death, the death of a person that occurs during or after release from custody caused by the acts committed upon the deceased, presents the worst form of police torture both mentally as well as physically on the accused and the latest case of Salahuddin Ayubi – a mentally challenged person who was allegedly humiliated and tortured by the Punjab Police caused an uproar on both social and on mainstream media regarding the worst aspects of torture that is being carried out in police custody.

The case invited public attention when a video of Salahuddin Ayubi the alleged ATM thief surfaced on social media in which the official appears to be interrogating him in an absurd fashion hitting him and using inappropriate language to intimidate him.

According to the latest footage released by the Sheikh Zayed Medical Hospital, the ATM thief was brought dead to the medical facility. The CCTV footage that is making rounds on social media shows Ayubi brought to the hospital lying on a stretcher on Saturday night at around 9:48pm, Dawn report read.

The policemen brought Salahuddin handcuffed to the medical ward where doctors pronounced him dead and later, the footage showed, the policemen took his dead body to the postmortem building. After 3am the body of Salahuddin was again brought to the emergency block for X-Ray. The focal person of the hospital Rana Ilyas Ahmed has confirmed that the hospital administration had released the footage.

The deceased was the resident of Gujranwala and was arrested by the police while stealing from an ATM machine and was reported dead the very next day. A murder case has already been registered against SHO Mehmood Hassan, Sub-inspector Shafaat Ali, and Assistant Sub-inspector Matloob Hussain on the complaint of Ayubi’s father.

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The father of Ayubi held police responsible for the death of his son and lodged a complaint against the concerned officials. He has also requested the LHC and CM Punjab Usman Buzdar to look into the matter of his son’s alleged custodial death. Meanwhile, Rahim Yar Khan DPO has written a memorandum to a session judge and requested that a judicial inquiry be conducted by a magistrate.

The spokesperson for the police Zeeshan Randhawa came up with the statement in which he insists the public not to doubt the sincerity of police in the proceedings of the case and asked them to wait till the report of judicial inquiry. He also told that the officials who were nominated in the First Information Report have been suspended from the service.

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  • Some Police officers involved in daily operations should be sent to Scotland Yard for Education, Training and observations.

  • kun ji, scotoland yard mama lagda ey sada?  rahay naa ghulam 47 kay baad bhi zehan ghualamana hi hay. Anjaan nothing personal. but this is how these colonial powers corrupted our mind we still think they are the best.

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