Meet Dr Saleema Rehman – An Afghan Refugee Who Is Saving Pakistani Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic

She is performing her duty in Rawalpindi's Holy Family Hospital.

Standing on the frontline against the threat of COVID-19, Pakistani doctors and paramedic staff have set some unconventional examples of bravery and commitment. Risking their own lives against this deadly enemy, they have been working tirelessly to assure that minimum lives are lost in this pandemic.

Among these heroes is the inspirational Dr. Saleema Rehman. Saleema, who is an Afghan refugee herself, is working day and night to serve her Pakistani patients. She is performing her duty in Rawalpindi’s Holy Family Hospital.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees paid tribute to refugees who are serving the people when humanity needs it most.

 “At Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi, Afghan refugee Dr. Saleema Rehman provides a lifeline to some of the poorest people in Pakistan”, UNHCR said while honoring Dr. Saleema.

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  • I pray for the best for her and all the paramedics around the world fighting this pandemic. I hope she is following all necessary protocols to safe herself from this CV.

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