Saluting Gender Equality: See How This Inspirational Couple Shows Appreciation For Each Other Every Day

Despite being caught in patriarchy and centuries of gender discrimination, there are determined individuals who are leading fights every day to bridge this gap. Taking place of an unbeatable monster in Pakistani society, deprivation of women rights became a repetitive norm. But there still exist brave men like Assistant-Sub-Inspector (ASI) Ismael who continue to shatter these naïve phenomena every single day – quite literally.

Meet ASI Ismael and his wife ASI Zaneera Kanwal Malik, who wake up every day with an intention to fight the criminals on duty and gender inequality off duty!
As a symbol of respect and gratitude, both brave police officers salute each other every morning before leaving for work in their native town of Layyah, near Multan.

The resident of TDA colony in Layyah, Ismael is performing duties as controller at the DPO office for the Criminal Tracking System.

“It was my wife who first started saluting me in the morning, but then I thought both genders are equal. I should also be saluting Zaneera for her services to the nation and the sacrifices she has made to continue her duty.” – said Ismael speaking to a local news channel.

Being in the profession for over a decade, the couple recognizes the threats and risks involved in their profession. They realize that any of them can lose their lives during search operations and battling criminals hence they salute each other to remind that duty comes first.

For Zaneera, this is her way to celebrate her life partner and show her appreciation for his support in her marital and professional life.

“He has supported me throughout my career and I salute him to show the honour, respect and gratitude I have for him. After the salute, we pray for each other’s safety till the next meeting’’ – says Zaneera.

Zaneera believes that both men and women have an equal responsibility towards serving the nation and Ismael supports her will his heart.

Saluting gender equality with every rising sun, this incredibly inspirational couple is putting forth an example like no other!

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