SAMAA’s FM staffer wins sexual assault case after a two-year-long brave fight

How encouraging and inspirational,

SAMAA’s FM staffer Tehreem Muneeba has finally won the sexual harassment case after a two-year-long brave fight. She filed the case against her colleagues in 2018.

‘’I worked at a hostile workplace for five years. I couldn’t afford to quit the job. However, I kept complaining to my boss who was ironically guilty of catcalling himself’’, Tehreem said.

She kept on fighting for justice for two years. The court finally decided in her favor, saying that the organization was a ‘hostile space’ for women.

The broadcaster was harassed while working for Samaa FM in 2018. After going through the traumatizing incident, she quit her job and pursued legal action against her abusers. After she filed the case, the Samaa management filed a defamation case of Rs.500 million against her.

On the 22nd of March 2020, the court ruled in her favor and charged all seven staff members a penalty of Rs.100,000.

The Ex-Chief Operation Officer (COO) Fahd Haroon did not pay attention to any of Tehreem’s complaints. Instead of ordering an inquiry, he protected the harassers by giving false testimony.

Fahd is now PM Imran Khan’s focal person on information analytics and a member of the Pakistan Broadcasting Board (PBC).

Tehreem shared her struggles after she came forward with the claim and how she has been jobless since September 2018. However, she is happy that after a long time of mental, legal, and financial struggle, she has emerged victorious.

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  • Media hiuses kanjar khanat hi tau hain……in fact all private sector is like that……..

  • Great achievement, there is no profession that is bad it is people who make it good or bad.

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