‘Same newspaper, two headlines’ – Hammad Azhar exposes how media is manipulating the nation

Newspapers are manipulating the nation; one of the papers is caught publishing fake news.

Media sources are manipulating the nation. One of the leading newspapers has been caught serving half-baked information to mislead the public.

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Hammad Azhar condemned a newspaper that was misleading the readers with different headlines. The articles discussed how the debt of Pakistan falls and surges.

Hammad Azhar tweeted ” Same newspaper, one month apart. Shows how statistics can be selectively used to create dramatic headlines. Tools: Absolute numbers or % of GDP? Varying Timelines for Base effects? Deval revaluation effects highlighted or hidden in detail text? Options are endless.”

Both the news are published with a one-month gap. The Headline was so dramatic, while there was no background given regarding the statistics shared.

  • Newspapers have completely lost it

    Exactly same thing is happening in first world countries

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