Samina Ahmed Answers All Your Questions In Her First Post-Marriage Interview

The Waris actress added that the only thing she was worried about was that what would happen after her marriage.

Late last night, the news of two veteran Pakistani actors Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai getting married broke the internet. Soon after the news came out, their marriage became one of the top trending stories on the internet.

The two stars tied the knot on April, the 4th. In her first interview following her second marriage, Samina Ahmed has opened up about her husband Manzar Sehbai. Talking to a local media outlet, Samina said that she doesn’t have fear of anyone as she has got the complete support of her family.

Why was the marriage ceremony such a private affair?

Samina Ahmed stated that the reason behind the marriage ceremony being so private was the coronavirus pandemic. She added that only the two families were present on the occasion.

Is she worried about what would people say?

The Suno Chanda actress said that she doesn’t care what people say about her, as people say a lot of things. She added that she hasn’t come across any negative comments about her marriage on social media so far.

What was she worried about?

Saima Ahmed went on to add that we often underestimate people. According to her, we start thinking about what is wrong and right, but she said she wasn’t afraid of any such thing.

The Waris actress added that the only thing she was worried about was that what would happen after her marriage. But, when your family is with you then it becomes easy to make a decision, she said.

Her advice to people who can’t make bold decisions like her:

‘’Maybe such people have not found a person good enough to make a relationship with. That’s why people say they would prefer living alone rather than getting into a relationship that makes them more uncomfortable’’.

Now, the most important question: Who proposed first?

Replying to this question with a smile on her face, Samina said to leave these things.

‘’We got married, that’s enough’’, she said.

Talking about Samina Ahmed’s marriage, Iffat Umer said that she came to know about it through social media. Furthermore, she also applauded the veteran actress for her decision.

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  • Can you name some of her good dramas. Not sure if I have seen this old lady before.

  • They have done some commendable,encouraging ,religious,and legal ,is totally their live to enjoy with each other rather to pass rest if the lufe in suffucation ,well done

  • According to Rasool-e-Khuda(SAWW) nikkah meri sunnat ha jiss ne nikkah kiya uss
    ne apna nisaf emaan bachaya.

  • Love u mam n appreciate u for taking bold step n making it easier for other ladies who r nt bold enough to remarry like U .. u set up an example in a society where divorcees r forced or looked down for remarrying

  • Wish them all the best for present and future,right way to start life and hoping all the best

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