Samsung Coming To Pakistan Or Not? News Outlets Reporting Conflicting Versions

Many people have been left confused as to whether Samsung is coming to Pakistan or not.

File:Samsung Logo.svg - WikipediaA few days ago, it was revealed that Samsung is establishing a cellphone production facility in Pakistan in a joint venture with Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC).

However, recent varying reports regarding the Commerce Advisor’s comments to the Senate have sent mixed signals regarding the ambitious project.

The confusion started in the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce meeting on Tuesday and the media reports that followed after it.

The Senate, chaired by Senator Zeeshan Khanzada, had grilled the commerce ministry on various issues.

These included poor performance, sharing obsolete information about the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF), and the absence of the commerce secretary from the meeting.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce, Industries and Production and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood. (Leslye Smith)

On the other hand, the Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce & Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, addressed the Senate and revealed that Pakistan would start exporting mobile phones by January 2022.

Dawood revealed that two Chinese companies had taken the initiative to establish factories in Pakistan. The mobile phone exports would be exported from these factories.

Afterward, Dawood made comments regarding Samsung, which various news outlets have reported differently.

Profit By Pakistan Today

Profit, one of Pakistan’s leading business magazines, reported the Commerce Advisor revealed that Samsung has refused to come to Pakistan.

“We contacted the Samsung mobile company twice, but they declined,” Profit reported Dawood as saying.

Profit reported that in the aftermath of Samsung’s denial to come to Pakistan, Dawood is now trying to convince Chinese companies to start mobile phone exports from Pakistan.



DAWN, Pakistan’s leading English newspaper, reported that Samsung had initially refused to come to Pakistan.

“However, later Samsung changed its earlier decision and agreed to come to Pakistan. A joint venture with a local partner is on,” DAWN reported Dawood as saying.

In the DAWN report, Samsung’s decision to come to Pakistan was unrelated to the Chinese companies establishing mobile phone factories in Pakistan.

Business Recorder

The Business Recorder, another of Pakistan’s leading business magazines, reported that Samsung was approached twice to establish its factory in Pakistan with special governmental incentives, but it refused.

However, when Samsung saw the Chinese companies were establishing mobile phone factories in Pakistan, it approached the government for special incentives to establish its factory in Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the Pakistani government has refused to provide special incentives to Samsung now at this point, and Samsung will establish the mobile phone production facility with the existing incentives.

Confusion among netizens

A Twitter user demanded Samsung to give an official stance on whether it’s coming to Pakistan or not.

A Twitter user went with what the majority had to report.

Several Twitter users were left confused by Profit’s report of Samsung not coming to Pakistan.

A Twitter user assumed that it might be a mistake from Profit by Pakistan Today.

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