Sana Bucha vs DGISPR | Who won the twitter war?

Both indulged in a spicy twitter spat, garnering attention from the twitter community.

Another day, another interesting twitter fight! And this time, it is among two Pakistani personalities who are known for their twitter activism.

Sana Bucha is a known Pakistani journalist, war correspondent and producer of the first English language bulletin on Geo News. Sana, in her recent tweet, addressed DGISPR and added to the trolls that were addressing him after his recent statement. He made a statement regarding Lahore-Sialkot motorway and became a center of social media trolls for having an opinion on everything.

Sana Bucha also jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted!

DGISPR responded to her, saying that she should remember that she was also once being ‘paid by ISPR’.

”May be it was a service by you on your own initiative taking advantage while you were being paid by ISPR. I have not seen any such. Again, if any pending dues you can still claim with evidence. But can’t do any payment for the private ventures that you might have had on your own.”

Sana Bucha hits back with an even bitter response.

People were not reluctant to pick sides as well!


Who do you think won the twitter spat? Share in the comments bar below.


  • Sana bucha ko samajhna chahiye ka dgispr aik idara ha koi iska husband nahi jissko jab chaha zaleel kardia or wo baychara puppy ki tarah aoon aoon karay side ma beth jai . Grace show kia ispr na to izzat khol kar rakh day ga sana ki . Wessay aisy aurton ki izzat hoti kahan ha jin ka na deen or na emaan.

  • وہ لوگ افواج پاکستان کہ خلاف بول رہے ہیں جنکی اپنے گھر میں کوئی نہیں سنتا۔

  • بچا میڈم واقع آپ بھی بچۂ اور آپ کا دماغ بھی بچہ ہے سوچ سمجھ کر جواب دیں
    یہ پاکستان کا وقار اور پاکستان کی عزت ہے ان سے یا ان کے خلاف بکواس نہہں کریں ایسا نہ ہو عوام میں غصے اور اشتعال پیدا ہو اور آپ پر غصہ اتار دے

  • سر آپ اپنا قیمتی وقت سستے صحافیوں پر ضائع مت کریں
    Sir, don’t waste your valuable time on cheap journalists

  • Sana buch bohat khoosurat lady hen to Asif ghafoor sb b dil rkhty hen or handsome young hen idary Kahan sy drmiyan mein Kahan sy aagay akr Asif ghafoor sb ko badar par sy b koi offer kry to vo kasoor var nhi Asif sb Pakistan k sbsy bhary hero hen koi b in pr jaan luta skti hey proud of Pakistan Asif ghafoor and Sana bucha may allah blessed both

  • ثنا بچہ کا دماغی توازن صرف خراب نہیں بلکہ گل سڑ گیا ھے۔۔۔ انکو شدید قسم کے ملٹری شاکس کی ضرورت ھے

    • Wese Shadi “SopiDad” Ki ha or “Malik dad” Naach raha ha
      Gap shap Asif Bhai or Sana Jan Key beech horaha ha Or Coments Mein Tajziye Kuch chamchey Dey ye kula Tazaad ha Bhai un dono ko bath kerne dey

  • Sana buchaa 2 takky ki Anker kissy English achi trha nhi ataa khud ko sanbalna nhi ataa wo Pak army k journals k shoes ki mitti k barber be nhi hai

  • یار آصف غفور صاحب جیسے بھی ہمیں اچھے لگتے ہیں اور ثنا بچہ جیسی بھی ہے اچھی لگتی ہے

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