[WATCH] Sana and Fakhar address the criticism they received on their PDA-filled photos in a live video

Sana and Fakhar married each other in 2008 and have two sons together.

Sana Fakhar recently wished her husband on his birthday and posted a couple of PDA-filled pictures. She has since then been the target of criticism and backlash at the hands of the public.

With the pictures, Sana wrote the caption, “Thank you for reminding me how butterflies feel like.” “Many happy returns of the day.”, she wrote further.

The affection dripping pictures were all it took to shake the worlds of the moral brigade, and they have since streamed the post with hateful comments. Sana was finally compelled to limit comments on the post.

Previously, a fellow celeb, Sarwat Gillani was also getting heat for publicly being affectionate in pictures with her husband Fahad Mirza.

Sana and Fakhar married each other in 2008 and have two sons together. After being subjected to abuse and criticism online, the couple decided to come online on a live video and address the matter.

“Haters don’t exist in my life. I only have love around me. I even have respect for people who discuss anything about me. Whatever you share, please do. I don’t mind. You have that access into my life and I am the one who gave you the said access. We aren’t angels. It’s not the end of the world if you abused me”, they commented.

Here’s what they had to say:

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