Sana Javed serves legal notice to Manal Saleem and others

Sana Javed

Sana Javed has finally broken her silence about the controversy surrounding her ‘rude behaviour’ with her colleagues. The actress took to her Instagram account to announce that she has taken the legal path against those involved in the “smear campaign” against her.

Background of the story:

It all started when model Manal Saleem took to her Instagram stories to ask the clients not to make her work with any celebrity. She cited the actresses’ “self entitled attitudes” for her plea to the clients.

Although, she didn’t name the actress, who allegedly called her a “dou takkay ki model”, but many guessed it was Sana Javed. Later, a number of celebrities including Mydah Raza, Mushk Kaleem, Ikram Gohar and a few others came out with similar complains about the Khaani actress’ attitude.

Sana Javed’s legal notice:

The Aye Musht-E-Khaak actress finally responded to the allegations with a legal notice after being quiet for some time. In an Instagram post, she shared pictures of the legal notice to Manal Saleem, Omair Waqar and Aneela Murtaza.

“In the past 72 hours, I’ve been subjected to all sorts of lies and fabricated stories, bullying, hate speech, and threats,” she wrote. Sana Javed added that the “smear campaign initiated” against her by a “group of individuals” has caused her and her’s family severe trauma.

She is shocked to know ‘how toxic people can be’ and how quickly others believe them without verifying the facts. The renowned actress further wrote that she will not be commenting on what was said against her as its “beyond disgraceful and disgusting to even mention.”

Sana Javed thanked her friends and fans for standing by her and not believing a word of what was said against her. She called them her strength and hoped that truth will prevail.

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