VIDEO: Sanam Saeed says she will need ‘whitening injections’ to play Maryam Nawaz

Sanam Saeed has starred in multiple blockbuster dramas and movies.

Sanam Saeed says she will need 'whitening injections' to play Maryam Nawaz

Sanam Saeed has starred in multiple blockbuster dramas and movies. Recently, she appeared alongside Mohib Mirza on Geo to promote their film, Ishrat: Made in China.

During the interview, the duo was asked multiple questions about their personal lives, careers, and so on. Saeed was questioned if she would agree to play politician Maryam Nawaz. To this, she said that they might have to cast some other actress to play her due to the difference in their skin color. She added that if she ever gets the chance to do so, she will need beauty procedures to lighten her skin tone.

The Zindagi Gulzar Hai star went on to say that it would be fun to play the politician in her biopic.

The interview

After playing in the segment, ‘500 ke dorr’, the two took part in the rapid-fire round. In the round, Mohib revealed that he is against whitening injections, and he also said that the industry values the’ skin color’ of actors.

In the interview, Sanam Saeed said that Prime Minister Imran Khan came to power due to her prayers.

“I prayed for an honest man to become our PM”, she said. While answering a question, she also revealed that it was more fun to work with Mohib Mirza than with Fawad Khan.

Ishrat: Made in China

The movie is all set to release on 3rd March 2022 and marks the directorial debut of Mohib Mirza. All the shooting for it took place in Thailand, and the cast and crew got stuck there for a while due to COVID-19. The film will be a spin-off of Mohib’s TV show Ishrat Baiji.

While speaking about the experience, Mohib said that the toughest part as a director is to breathe life into the script.

Watch the interview here:

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