WATCH: Sanam Saeed stars in short-film about motorway rape incident ‘Ab Buss’

In a recent interview with ARY News, the actress talked about the short film and her stance on women's safety in Pakistan.

Sanam Saeed, the 35-year-old Pakistani actress, singer, and former model, has stunned the Pakistani audience once again with her lead role in the short feature film ‘Ab Buss’.

The infamous motorway incident inspires the film. It was uploaded on YouTube on the 6th of November and has garnered over 300,000 views to date.

In a recent interview with ARY News, the actress talked about the short film and her stance on women’s safety in Pakistan.

Speaking about the film, Sanam Saeed said:

The short film ‘Ab Buss’ is an essential narrative for our society. Considering the motorway incident and all the other incidents that followed soon after, regarding women being abducted by random strangers on the road, I think this narrative is an eye-opener.

The esteemed actress further added:

When I first read the script, I thought it was brilliantly written. It was edgy yet simple.

Sanam Saeed also shared how she tries to keep herself safe in these troubling times:

My car windows are slightly tinted, and I know where all the ranger or police stops are. I also have emergency numbers on speed dial.

Talking about carrying safety tools, the actress said:

I do not carry pepper spray myself, but I think it is a smart choice. A friend’s father got her a pepper spray to keep in her bag, which I thought was brilliant and much needed.

The Akhri Station actress also advised young girls on being independent and said:

Young girls who want to be independent and get exposure should know their surroundings. All young girls starting their dreams might hesitate to accept that there are all kinds of predators out there. There’s no point in remaining naive or clueless about the harsh realities we as women face at times in-home or outside the house.

Continuing the advice, Sanam Saeed stated:

Every female needs to have a strong and unbroken aura. Be alert, not oblivious, and always have your keys ready. Make your aura, too; do not be vulnerable and scared. Be confident and assured because that vibe scares predators away.

Finally, she stated:

It is vital to have a safety net and people you can trust and count on. Have a support system, have a group or person you trust, and can reach out to. And do not hesitate to speak up if you have been wronged. Your voice matters, no matter what people say.

Watch Sanam Saeed’s full short film ‘Ab Buss’ here:

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