‘Not Pakistan team’s dietitian’: Sania Mirza and Veena Malik get in a Twitter spat

Following India-Pakistan match and humiliating defeat of national team at the hands of arch rivals, Sania Mirza and Veena Malik got in a Twitter fight.


  • Sania Mirza responded to Veena Malik after the actress criticized Shoaib Malik and other Pakistani cricketers for enjoying a night out.
  • Angry fans went on commenting on Pakistan team’s fitness after a humiliating loss to arch-rival India.
  • A video of Sania Mirza, Shoaib and his fellow team members at a sheesha cafe in Manchester went viral.
  • Veena Malik tried to attack the Tennis star with it, which irked Sania.

Pretty sure we are still not over India-Pakistan world cup match. And if you slightly were, Veena Malik and Sania Mirza have a reason for you to not be. Following the defeat of Pakistani cricket team to India, an event that is sensitive for many fellow countrymen, it started a debate on the fitness of our players.

Soon after, videos of national players enjoying junk food and Sheesha prior to such an important match, Shoaib Malik’s duck and Sarfaraz’s yawn were the talking points all over social media, unless the girls took over. Veena Malik took to Twitter and questioned Sania Mirza that why she had brought her newborn son Izhaan to the sheesha cafe.

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The actress criticized the Tennis star for being careless and exposing her son to hazardous smoke. She added that as far as ‘she knows’, the place Archie’s is known for their junk food, which is not good for athletes and sportsmen.

“Sania, I am actually so worried for the kid,” she wrote. “You guys took him to a sheesha place. Isn’t it hazardous? Also, as far as I know, Archie’s is all about junk food which isn’t good for athletes/boys. You must know well as you are mother and athlete yourself…”

Veena’s statement lead to an ugly Twitter spat between both:

Irked and annoyed, Sania replied bitterly saying she has not taken her son to the Sheesha cafe and not because of what the world or Veena will but because she cares for her son the most.

Sania added that Pakistan cricket team’s fitness is not her concern since she is neither their mother nor principal or teacher.

Secondly I am not Pakistan cricket team’s dietitian nor am I their mother or principal or teacher

Sania went on saying she is ‘thankful’ for the concern people are showing and that Twitter is a hilarious place where people take out their frustrations.

Sania went a little too far and shamed Veena for her line of work, but quickly deleted the tweet. However, the screenshots were already floating on social media by that time. 


Malik clarifies about the viral video:

The ‘sheesha’ video which buzz on social media was from June 13 and not from a night before Indo-Pak match, Malik clarified. He also shows his annoyance with the media’s attitude, saying they need to be held accountable for propagating unauthentic news.

”On behalf of all athletes, I would like to request media and people to maintain respect levels in regards to our families, who should not be dragged into petty discussions at will. It’s not a nice thing to do”, Malik said. 

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