Revolutionizing healthcare: Dr. Sara Saeed believes she can fix it with her telemedicine initiative

Dr Sara Saeed believes telemedicine is the solution to country's deteriorating healthcare.

Dr. Sara Saeed a finalist for Rolex Awards 2019


Dr Sara Saeed, a Pakistani doctor and entrepreneur, has made it to the finalist list for the Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2019 under the science and health category. Pakistan’s healthcare sector has been constantly heading downwards, increasing public concerns.

With this, additionally, Pakistan’s healthcare faces another concern as well. 85000 female doctors in Pakistan, after completing their degrees on state or private expense, do not practically enter the profession.

Alternatively, experts are of the opinion that even if 50% of these female doctors enter the medical workforce in Pakistan, more than 70% issues of the low-economic community particularly can be resolved.

Dr Sara Saeed believes that by mobilizing these female doctors who are now confined to their homes, Pakistan’s healthcare needs can be met.

“A large number of women in lower-income group communities in Pakistan don’t have access to healthcare facilities, but there are thousands of out-of-profession female doctors who can be mobilised to serve these patients through telemedicine. This would not only lower disease burden but would also save thousands of lives in the country” – Dr Sara said.

Dr Sara is determined to revolutionize healthcare:


The 32 years old is co-founder and CEO of Sehat Kahani. Sehat Kahani is a service that basically is objected to connecting home-based female doctors with people in rural and underprivileged communities in a low-cost, service through an electronic health (e-Health) network.

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Dr Sara says that if we work out a way to enter these out-of-office doctors in the professional workforce within the cultural norms, it can prove to be a gamechanger.

“A lot of female doctors here do not work after getting their degree. Instead, they become ‘doctor brides’ and stay home with their family. We’re putting these female doctors back into the workforce within the cultural norms that exist in Pakistan and connecting them to patients in poor and rural communities, using digital technology.”– she believes. 

Bridging the gap:

Dr Sara has successfully built a network of 23 e-health clinics that serves 86,000 patients across Pakistan. Her initiative employs 1,500 female doctors and more than 90 nurses and field health workers. In a positive advancement recently, it has included Pakistani female doctors living overseas as well and the services are available round the clock.

Dr Sara Saeed is determined to expand her network by the year 2023, establishing 100 e-clinics, delivering affordable healthcare to up to 10 million people.

Making it to Rolex Awards finals:

Sara Saeed’s initiative has been selected as a finalist for the Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2019. Her telemedicine startup has been selected under the science and health category. The Rolex Awards are basically dedicated to recognizing, celebrating and honouring people whose groundbreaking projects are improving quality of life.

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