[VIDEO] Actress Sarah Khan reveals the ‘rules’ she has set for herself to work in showbiz

Sarah bravely spoke about her experiences in the industry.

Television actress Sarah Khan is one of the most beautiful faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry right now. Khan made her screen debut in 2012 Hum TV’s television serial Badi Aapa and later worked in several successful drama series.

The 28-year-old actress is best known for her decency, as Sarah has never been a part of something that could be held against her later. Never have we ever seen her wearing inappropriate clothes, or doing any intimate scenes on screen.

In a talk with Ahsan Khan, Sarah Khan shared that she has set rules for herself while working in the industry.

Ahsan khan asked why she hasn’t worked in any movies yet.

Sarah shared that although she got quite a few offers, all of them demanded her to wear revealing clothes and do intimate scenes; therefore, she never worked in any movies.

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