VIDEO: Do You Know How Late Indian Choreographer Saroj Khan Converted To Islam?

In a interview, she revealed that her husband was not the reason for it.

On 3rd July 2020, Bollywood lost an iconic star. Saroj Khan, a leading Indian dance choreographer, succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest and breathed her last.

Saroj Khan’s marvelous career in the Indian cinema spanned over 40 years. In this period, the incredibly talented woman choreographed more than 2000 songs. She is recognized as The Mother of Choreography in India because of her radiating passion for dance. This passion is why Saroj Khan choreographed many iconic songs, whose dance steps are adored to this day.

Saroj Khan choreographed Ek do teen, Dola re, Tamma Tamma Loge, Nimbooda, Chane ke khet main, and many more evergreen songs.

The legend worked with many famous Bollywood heroines like Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sri Devi, and more.

Saroj Khan’s Initial Life Summary

During the partition of India, Saroj Khan migrated with her family from NWFP to Mumbai. The 13-year-old Saroj got married to a 43-year-old dance choreographer B. Sohanlal. In 1975, she separated from him and re-married Sardar Roshan Khan, a Muslim businessman. Saroj Khan had a beautiful daughter with her second husband.

How did Saroj Khan convert to Islam?

In an interview, the late Saroj Khan disclosed how and why she converted to Islam. She told the media outlet that her original name was Saroj Kishanchand Sadhu Singh Nagpal. When she met Sardar Roshan Khan, she instantly fell in love with him, and the two got married. Saroj said:

I did not convert to Islam because of my Muslim husband’s love, but because I fell in love with Islam.

Narrating her conversion story, Saroj said that she used to see Muslim kids praying and always wondered that the Hinduism religion lacked that. Saroj Khan stated that after losing her baby girl, she used to see her child in her dreams. Saroj said:

She would be standing in a mosque, calling out to me to step in the mosque. After regularly seeing the same, I went to Jamia Masjid on my own and willingly converted to Islam.

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