Saudi academic cites Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in bid to normalize ties with Israel

The normalizing of ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel shows no signs of a more profound process of mediation.

Small gestures have hinted at the development of a closer affinity between Saudi Arabia & Israel, but an academic article on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ confirms it further.

As Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Israel warms up, its people-to-people ties are supplementing its diplomatic gestures. Now, for the first time in history, a Saudi academic has published a paper in an Israeli journal, to ‘bring the two nations closer.’

Professor Mohammed Ibrahim Alghbban from King Saud University in Riyadh, published an article in Kesher, the journal of the Shalom Rosenfeld Institute for Research of Jewish Media & Communication, at Tel Aviv University.

Professor Raanan Rein, head of the Shalom Rosenfeld Institute, said the move was unprecedented and was driven by Alghbban’s aim to improve relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Conscience Foundation President and Founder Rabbi Arthur Schneier (R) and Muslim World League Secretary-General Mohammad Abdulkarim Al-Issa [JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images]

The Jerusalem Post writes, “The Saudi professor said he wrote the article to improve the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)’s image among Israelis.”

“I hope that this academic cooperation is another step towards economic and political cooperation,” Rein added.

Alghbban’s article, “Contribution to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)’s Image Improvement in the Eyes of the Israeli Public: Muhammad (ﷺ)’s Alliances and Mail Exchanges with Jews from the Arabian Peninsula,” argued that the prophet had good relations with the Jewish people, and his clashes with them were political, not religious.


Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have historically co-existed in synergy with one another, and according to Rabbi Ben Abrahamson of the Al Sadiqin Institute, there is a transparent process that can lead the way to reclaim that historic synergy.

The normalizing of ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel shows no signs of a more profound process of mediation, which requires forming credible bodies of intervention that all parties (including Palestinians) can trust and establishing a just judicial system and precise definition of citizenship.

Palestinians have so far not been a factor in the warming of ties between the two countries.

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  • Trying to repeat the history like British did during Ottoman Empire with the help of Lawrence T aka “Lawrence of Arabia” and in the end Arab did not get what they were promised.

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