This Saudi Citizen ‘Robot’ Named SOPHIA Has More Rights Than Women And Her Intelligence Will Surely Freak You Out

Saudi women are reacting to this news and welcoming it unpleasantly as Saudi Arab becomes the first country to grant citizenship to a robot. Yes, the same country which even in 2017 has failed to give equal rights to women, doesn’t recognize them as an equal citizen to their male counterparts and has still not granted them the right to vote.

This move, according to them, has been made to promote artificial intelligence. The robot named Sophia has officially been announced as a Saudi citizen during a business event in Riyadh.

Sophia is a humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics. It can tell jokes and show emotions. It can even play rock, paper, and scissors. Don’t believe us? See yourself:

Where many people declared it as ‘the future’, people find it very offensive and meaningless as well. A country where women are still not allowed to vote, they can’t leave the house without male supervision and were not allowed to drive till last month, the first actual ‘female’ to enjoy full citizen rights is ironically a robot!

Moudi Aljohani, a Saudi women rights activist based in America said that she hopes that robot is allowed to leave the country without guardian’s permission.
As they are calling it ‘beginning of the end’, we hope this significant and revolutionary move can serve as a beginning of the end of their gender discriminatory policies and societal norms as well.

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