Arabic Press Review: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel ‘soon’

Bahrain also congratulated the UAE on concluding the normalization agreement with Israel.

Conscience Foundation President and Founder Rabbi Arthur Schneier (R) and Muslim World League Secretary General Mohammad Abdulkarim Al-Issa (L). [JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images]
Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are preparing to sign a peace and normalization agreement with Israel similar to the one declared by the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, sources told the Arabi21 news website. 

According to “well-informed sources”, official normalization of relations between the two Arab countries and Israel will be established “after a short period of time”, noting that this normalization is aimed at “supporting US President Donald Trump, in light of the remarkable decline in his chances of winning the elections”.

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Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, right, during his sponsored visit to Israel (Screenshot)

The sources added: “The re-election of Trump is important for The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman to safeguard his reign.”

On Thursday, Bahrain congratulated the UAE on concluding the normalization agreement with Israel, and said that the agreement is part of “measures taken to increase the chances to reach peace in the Middle East”.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in its statement: “The Kingdom of Bahrain extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Emirates on announcing the agreement reached with the United States and Israel, to stop annexing Palestinian land and to take measures that increase the chances of reaching peace in the Middle East.”

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  • This is already on card..Others who under influenced..they will….let’s see which True Muslims will
    Stand against Zionist..

  • This isn’t what the people of those countries want. This is what these shameless dictators want

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