REPORT: Saudi Arabia To Ban All Imports From Turkey

The ban on importing Turkish goods is another blow to Turkey's already crippled economy.

(Amr Nabil/AP; Sean Gallup/Getty)

Saudi Arabia has unofficially banned the imports of all Turkish products, the leading Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet reported.

According to the report, any product with a “Made in Turkey” stamp will be banned from entering Saudi Arabia from the 1st of October.

The ban on importing Turkish goods is another blow to Turkey’s already crippled economy.

According to the Turkish newspaper Dünya, the Saudi government has contacted individual businesses and demanded them not to trade with Turkish businesses or buy any products manufactured in Turkey.

The authorities added they would impose fines on any company that ignores the order.


“Our buyers got used to Turkish products; they were satisfied. Nonetheless, they cannot buy our goods anymore. They say send them to us through a third country.” The Turkish daily Cumhuriyet cited a Turkish businessman, who spoke on the term of anonymity, as saying.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are very troubled, especially as exports from southeastern provinces such as Gaziantep, Diyarbakır, and Hatay come to a halt.”

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.

Last year, Saudi Arabia stopped importing textiles and perishable food from Turkey, leaving hundreds of Turkish trucks carrying these goods stranded on Saudi Arabia’s borders.

Turkish trucks stuck at Saudi Arabia’s borders after not getting permission to enter the kingdom.

The trucks were only allowed in after Turkish diplomats’ intervention, and no further imports of these items were permitted.

Saudi Arabia removed the name of the Ottoman Sultan The Magnificent from a street in Riyadh back in June this year.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has begun a campaign to discourage its citizens from traveling to Turkey.

The kingdom’s media has labeled Turkey as an unsafe location due to ‘rising petty crime aimed at Saudi citizens and gun violence.’ 

Saudi tourists in Turkey.

The number of Saudi tourists coming to Turkey dropped 17% last year.

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  • SAudi’s are digging a hell for them, they should listen to Donald Trump who openly says why is SAUDI important for America, soon they will realize but it will be late for them, as Muslims have already stopped respecting of accepting them as the right Custodians of two Holy Mosques, they are cutting ties with every Muslim country and laying their pants off in front of infidels. I hope they understand Quran which clearly tells that ALLAH has warned to change the custodians of 2 mosques if they lose faith in Allah and start depending of on non believers.

  • Bohut he galat kya gya sltanat Usmania k sultan ka naam btay kr or un pr ye pabandi pabandi lga or Turkey aisa nhi k angrezo ki trha us pr pabandi lgai gay
    Ye sb krwany waly angrez hain angrez saudia arab k Kaan bhi bharty ha
    Ye Alam e Islam k irshad ko torna chahty ha

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