Saudi Arabia Erases Ottoman Sultan’s name from a Main Street

Saudi Arabia has removed the name of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent from one of its main streets in Riyadh.

The Riyadh Municipality did not provide a reason for the move, however social media users believe strained relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey could be the trigger.

Saudi Arabia has been pushing a campaign to encourage its citizens to boycott Turkey through all possible means, including dealings with Turkish companies, the purchase of products, consumption of foods, sale of properties, and especially tourism in Turkey.

Ottoman Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent

The campaign has gathered support among Saudi royals and figures, a famous case being when Riyadh’s influential governor Faisal Bin Bandar declined an offer of Turkish coffee, triggering a call for a boycott of Turkish products.

Riyadh has also taken this step to encourage other Arab cities as well to remove the reminders of Ottoman legacy as displayed by the names of streets and landmarks, which it sees as “colonial oppression.”

In August last year, Saudi’s Ministry of Education made a series of modifications to its history books, altering the legacy of the Ottoman Empire and referring to it as an “occupation.”

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  • Despicable ignorant criminal Arab rulers, who sided with Gay Lawrence of Arabia, instead of a Sultan Suleiman the magnificent.

    Now these pimps of ISRAHELL and America are waiting and helping Jews for arrival of Dujjal.

    We wanth to kill poor Yemenis children with Israel made weapons and also kill shias because they are not Buslims..

  • Is that all they could do against Turkey. Well! Turkey is not Yemen, otherwise the saudi hell-hounds would have bombed the crap out of them.

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