Saudi Arabia levels allegations against Iran of attacking its oil supplies

OIC_14th Summit
Jordan’s King Abdullah II talks to Saudi King Salman – photo courtesy AlJazeerah English.


Pakistan’s view at 14th OIC meeting

Pakistani PM has delivered his first ever speech at the 14th summit of the Islamic bloc OIC. Imran Khan specifically talked about Islamophobia, Kashmir issue, Golan Heights and poor response of OIC against blasphemous contents. He ascertained that Kashmiris must be given their right of self-determination but do you agree that speech at OIC waiting for implementation by the bloc?

Saudi Arabia’s stance

Shah Salman of Saudi Arabia slammed Iran over recent attacks at Kingdom. However, the collective response from the bloc was in favor of any future Palestine state. Remember that Saudi Arabia and UAE will attend the meetings of Arab economic support scheduled for next month due to a consistent rise in Saudi-Israel ties. King Salman, on one hand, is up for Saudi-Israel ties while on the other hand, he claimed his allegiance to reject any measure that infringes upon the legal status of “Al-Qudus Al-Sharif”. Shah Salman blamed Iranian backed militias of being behind the attack on the Saudi oil pipeline.

What does Turkey say?

Turkey’s Foreign Minister M.Cavusoglu has said that OIC won’t accept any peace deal that doesn’t include an independent Palestine state including the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital.

Iran’s view

OIC_Summit 14th
Iranian President notifies in a letter that he was not invited to the 14th OIC Summit. He also denied allegations leveled against Iran by Saudi Shah Salman – photo courtesy Alarabiya.

Iran’s supreme leader Hassan Rouhani has urged upon the members of the bloc not to let down the support for the Palestinian cause. He further mentioned Iran’s readiness to work with Muslim leaders to confront the White House’s “deal of the century”.
Hussain Rouhani also alleged that he’s not invited at the summit. Tehran had sent its representatives to attend the 14th Summit of OIC. Rouhani said all this in his letter published on last Friday.

Iran’s response to Saudi allegations

Iran has denied being involved in any terrorist attacks. Iran’s president didn’t approve of the allegations of the involvement in the attacks on the oil supply.

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What does Qatar’s foreign office say?

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Muhammad Bin Abd-ur-Rehman has rejected the recent Mecca talks as it had not been consulted. Qatar has shown reservations over the outcomes of the 14th OIC summit because it considered some of these are in contradiction to the country’s foreign policy. Saudi alliance also accused Qatar of supporting the Islamist movement and Iran.

Why was OIC formed?

The organization of Islamic Cooperation was formed 50 years back in response to an extremist arson attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the most sacred sites for Muslims all across the world. The leaders of Arab also criticized Iran’s alleged involvement in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon in sideline meetings at Mecca.

Is OIC an intergovernmental body?

OIC is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the UN. An inter-governmental organization held meetings of the heads of its members and representatives of the incumbent governments.

What was the agenda for 14th OIC summit?

The expected agenda for the meetings was to discuss the current issues in the Muslim world and recent developments in OIC member states. The summit was aimed at discussing regional security due to rising tensions between Tehran and Washington D.C.

What is the purpose of OIC?

OIC declares itself as the collective voice of the Muslims to protect the interests of the Muslim world. The organization was initiated in 1969 by 24 member states.
The total number of people that come under the OIC approaches to about 1.8 billion. While the 14th OIC summit has largely been focussed on the issue of Palestine.

Is OIC effective?

OIC members can table a resolution and other countries can vote in favor or against it. General Secretariat of the OIC is responsible for implementing the bloc’s decisions. The main point of concern is that member states fail to reach any consensus on the issues. Also, the resolutions of the bloc are not binding, they are just declarations like declarations of the ICJ and UN general assembly.

What do you foresee the future of OIC as a collective voice of the Muslim world? Suggest improvements in the working of the General Secretariat of OIC.


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