Saudi Arabia Is Having Its Own Luxury Beach And Guess What? Women Can Wear Bikinis There!

Contrary to the established image, Saudi Arabia’s new heir to the throne has announced that Saudi Arabia will expectedly have its own beach resort where laws will allow women to wear bikinis.
Mind that, Saudi Arabia has strict laws and dress code to follow. Prince Mohammad bin Salman has revealed his plans for Luxury Red Sea Resort on the stretch of coastline in the country’s northwest.

The beach will be a part of his drive to modernize Saudi economy. To be able to provide more options to the foreign visitors and their unlikeliness to visit a beach covered up in abaya, the prince said that the resort will be ‘governed by laws on par with international standards’ (Source: Telegraph UK).

Saudi Arab’s laws that force women to cover themselves and are strictly aligned with religious limitations are commonly perceived as repressive in the world. Times after times, their discriminatory and gender biased laws have come under question globally. Saudi’s public investment fund particularly describes the project as an ‘exquisite luxury resort destination established across 50 untouched natural islands’.

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Construction of the new luxury beach will expectedly start in the initial months of 2019 and the first phase will be completed by 2022 as per the announcement. The goal is to host at least a million visitors a year by 2035. Prince Mohammad is the son of current King Salman and already enjoys the authority on Kingdom’s economy, defence and significant policies.

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