Saudi company releases salaries of 300 Pakistani workers after countless efforts by SAPM Zulfi Bukhari

In the past, Pakistanis residing in Middle-East particularly, have been unhappy with how their home country has treated them.


The life of Pakistani workers earning a livelihood in Saudi Arabia has had many challenges. There are approximately 2 million Pakistanis currently working in the Kingdom. However, non-payment of wages and insensitive treatment at the hands of their employers has been a critical concern for them. 

In the past, Pakistanis residing in Middle-East mainly have been unhappy with how their home country has treated them. The incumbent government, however, has taken many significant steps for their welfare. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered PIA to send a special aircraft and bring back 320 Pakistani nationals from Malaysia so that they can spend Eid with their families. These Pakistani prisoners were the ones who had completed their jail terms but were unable to reach back home as the flight operations between the two countries were halted owing to the regional security situation.

The PTI-led government’s empathetic attitude towards them has increased their visibility. Now, after countless efforts of Special Assistant to PM on Overseas Pakistanis, Zulfi Bukhari, Saudi Bin Laden Co has released salaries of 300 Pakistani workers. 

”As a result of efforts by SAPM  @sayedzbukhari & @mophrd team, Saudi Bin Laden Co has released cheques of 300 Pakistani workers worth Saudi Riyal 7,21,000/- on account of pending salaries & end of service benefits which will be disbursed to the workers & their families in Pakistan.”

This significant development will increase the trust of overseas Pakistanis in the Pakistani government and make them feel owned.

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  • سر جن کو.2 .2سال کی سیلرز نہیں ملیں انکا بھی کچھ کر دیں تو آپ کی نوازش ہو گی.

  • Dear Sir very good your steps but also other company not give salary and benefits No one sudi oujer to much parson not receive salary and benefits to much parson and with familys not happeis Sir please help

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