Saudi Kingdom To Behead Female Activist For Using Social Media To Protest Against Government

It seems like the monarchy in Saudi Arabia is breathing its last as the news of the possible execution of a rights’ activist becomes a topic of debate across the world.

In a ruling that has been labelled as monstrous across the world, 29 year old Israa al-Ghomgham can possibly be beheaded for her activism against the kingship. Israa has been very actively involved in organizing protests and raising voice on behalf of the people who have yet to discover their strengths.

Saudi Arabia has one of the highest execution rates in the world. Beheading is the most common method used for execution in the kingdom. Kingdom has executed 48 people using the same method over the course of 4 months this year.

Israa has been in prison for over two years, accused of arranging protests against the authority nobility. Among the charges she faced, she has been declared guilty of incitement to disobedience of the ruler in her home city Qatif. She has been blamed for providing ‘moral support’ to the protesters through her social media as well.

A team of human rights defending Israa said that she is being punished for defending people and using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. She is also being charged with creating a Youtube account.

The highly conservative government has been accused if brutal human rights violations in the past as well. But beheading activists for their peaceful expression of resentment and protest is indeed condemnable.

Crown Prince Salman has presented himself as an unconventional Saudi leader internationally who is willing to loosen the previously strict rules and codes for the people in an effort to liberalize the economy. However, the kingdom’s faulty approach to human rights and freedom of expression nullifies all his verbal statements.

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