[VIDEO] Saudi wife gives husband a 'modest gift' on his second marriage, celebrates it on social media

''I have been preparing myself to accept the decision for four years''.

Earlier this week, a Saudi wife, Umm Omar, took to Twitter to congratulate her husband on his second marriage. Umm Omar posted a video that instantly went viral. Along with the video, she wrote:

(Here’s) my modest gift to my husband on his second marriage. I wanted to share it with everyone to spread peace and friendship among Saudi families. I felt that our society needs positive models in marital life.

Regarding the gift, Umm Omar said:

My gift to my husband is first my blessing of his second marriage. In addition to the video, I presented him with a delicate honey package, so that our future family and married life would be honey on honey.

Umm Omar confirmed her blessing and acceptance of her husband’s second marriage and said:

I have been preparing myself to accept the decision for four years. My husband lives in another city as his workplace is there. I live in Medina, and I cannot go to his city. We have been living like this for more than six years, so I finally decided to encourage him to marry another woman.

Umm Omar shared:

I have made sure that my children share the joy of their father’s marriage. My children will be part of their father’s second family, sharing their lives with them in the future. They will be a consolation for them and will protect their family from feelings of hatred and problems we do not need.

It should be noted that as per Arab traditions, an Arab bride and groom celebrate their wedding separately.

The “groom wedding” is very simple: four hours of tea, coffee, dinner, and communication.

The “bride weddings” are celebrated much more widely in a big town hall with waiters and artists. The occasion is used to flaunt diamonds, designer shoes, and evening outfits because usually, all this beauty is hidden behind hijabs (or abayas) and veils. Only women can attend the bride’s wedding, while men are strictly forbidden. The staff, singers, photographers, and DJs of the event are also women.

At the end of the female wedding, the groom visits. His entry is announced so women can cover themselves with abayas. If a male relative accompanies the groom, the bride is covered with a white abaya because even relatives cannot see the bride’s beauty.

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  • ماشاءاللہ بہت اچھی روایت ہے. اس سے یہ بات تو عیاں ہے کہ یہ عورتیں جنتی اور دیندار ہیں جبکہ برِصغیر پاک و ہند کی خواتین ہندو رسم کو بڑھاوا اور اسکی روایات کو برقرار رکھ کر جہاں گناہ گار ہو رہی ہیں وہاں وہ سزا اور اپنے خاوند کے گناہ میں ملوث ہونے کی سزاوار بھی ہو رہی ہیں

  • Buss deen kaa 100% hissa shadee buchae tulaaq. This is abuse of a holy as per need tradition. All these arabs carry zero sympathy in their hearts for wife n kids its all about sex as they have millions and totally free to just eat marry n more kids who will be definitely neglected. May allah give them common sense. Ameen.

  • What a luckiest person on planet earth
    I wish i could have a same wife,
    Living such a diseased life alone in dubaj

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