WHAT YOU MUST KNOW: Tips to save your car in case of rain flooding

The monsoon season brings along severe damages. In the southern part of Pakistan, cities like Karachi flood due to rain. Presently, the metropolis city residents are facing substantial life losses and millions worth of property losses.

This property loss includes massive damage to the cars, as water severely damages the vehicle\’s interior and exterior. Often, this wreckage is so extensive that it permanently ruins the car. Considering that no local car manufacturers offer the car\’s flooding insurance, you should get yourself acquainted with a few tips that help you minimize damage in case of car flooding.

Pakistan\’s top auto blog Pak Wheels has shared some tips on how to save your car in case of urban flooding. Here is what they had to say:

Tips for While Your Car is Rain Flooding

  1. Never Start Your Rain Flooded Car:

If you start your car in the water, especially if the water is salty or muddy, the engine may damage permanently. Steer clear of permanent loss and get your vehicle towed to the mechanic; otherwise, you may end up investing in a whole new car engine.

  1. Always Remove the Car Battery:

If you are stranded in water with your car, remove your car\’s battery while checking the other components of your vehicle. This way, you would not experience an electric shock.

  1. Roll Down the Windows:

In a situation of rain flooding, the dirty water or rain makes the car smell. Roll down the windows to reduce the stench of dirty rainwater.

  1. Check Debris Around the Tires of Your Rain Flooded Car:

If you drive your car with mud and debris surrounding the tires and the car\’s underbelly, your vehicle can severely damage. Clean the surrounding area before moving your vehicle.

Tips for After Your Car Has Escaped Rain Flooding

  1. Check All Electrical Systems – Not Just the Engine:

Water does not only damage the engine but the headlights, indicators, power windows, interior lights, transmission, AC, infotainment system, and more electrical components. Check all these systems before you give your car the green light.

  1. Check the Interior of Your Rain Flooded Car:

If the water level remained below the doors, the car\’s interior is safe. However, if the water level mark was higher, the car\’s inside is definitely in chaos. Clean and repair the interior.

  1. Check the Oil and Filters of Your Rain Flooded Car:

Remove and clean the dipstick. Check the oil. In case the air and oil filters have water droplets in them, do not start your car. Tow your vehicle to the nearest workshop and get the water cleaned before you start your car again.

  1. Check the Fluid Systems of Your Rain Flooded Car:

In case your car\’s fluid systems weren\’t sealed, the brake, gear, and engine oil must be flooded. Check for water and get the systems drained and replaced with fresh ones if you don\’t want your car to break down shortly.

  1. Start Drying Your Car As Soon As Possible:

Muddy rainwater settles rapidly. If you wait till you reach a workshop, you may end up seriously ruining your car. Respond quickly and use dry towels or a vacuum to start the drying process – the sooner, the better.

Remember that the wear and tear of the car caused by flooding can be long-lasting. Problems may continue to rise for months, even years after the vehicle escaped the flooding. Though, if you take good care and follow the tips mentioned in this guide, you will minimize the damage to a great extent.

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