‘I saw my son burning in flames while I was being raped’, story of a Rohingya Muslim refugee

"I am thirsty to hear someone calling me 'ma'," Rajuma Begum said between sobs.

Rajuma Begum is a Rohingyan woman, who is spending her days in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, dazed and in shock. She is a survivor of the August 30th, 2017 massacre in Tula Toli, one of the most brutal incidents of violence by the army in Myanmar.

Villagers were taken to the riverside where the men were separated from the women while the  children were burnt alive.

Rajuma Begum was holding her one-year-old son, Muhammad Siddique, in her arms when some soldiers started taking away women in groups of five or seven.

Recounting her experience Begum said, “They took me along with another four women inside a house.”

Ripped my son from my arms

“They ripped my son from my arms and threw him on the ground, one of the Burmese soldiers then threw her baby son to the fire, I could hear him screaming as he was burning,” Begum said.

“I am thirsty to hear someone calling me ‘ma’,” Rajuma Begum said between sobs.

Soldiers raped them all except the older woman


Rajuma was held in a room with three other mothers, one teenage girl and one woman who was about 50 years old. The soldiers raped them all except the older woman. Two men raped Rajuma for what she said felt like two or three hours.

Naked, she dressed in clothes abandoned by fleeing Rohingya. When she crossed the border, a Bangladeshi helped her get to Kutapalong where she was treated at a clinic.

After witnessing the immensely traumatic murder of her son and being gang raped  by Myanmar soldiers, Rajuma was reunited with her husband in Bangladesh at the Kutupalong refugee camp.

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