Say ‘Pakistan Murdabad’ And Get Rs 10 Discount At Chhattisgarh Food Stall, Bigotry Indian Style

Photo Courtesy: ANI

After the Pulwama attack the last week, Indian media and political stakeholders are busy manipulating the situation to the best of their gains. The deadly attack that claimed the lives of 40 CRPF paramilitary soldiers in Jammu Kashmir became a hot sell and scoring point for the upcoming polls in India.

However, to get the sympathy votes, India has again been sent to the mine of hate – to burn and bake. From attacks on minorities to putting up discriminatory banners banning the entry of Kashmiris in the restaurants, this food stall in Chhattisgarh will award you with a 10 rupees discount on leg pieces if you chant ‘Pakistan Murdabad’.

The stall is owned by Anjal Singh, who says that he supports hateful slogans against Pakistan because it never valued humanity. Anjal’s stall is located in the city of Jagdalpur, located in southern Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district, not far from the Odisha border.

Photo Courtesy: ANI

While talking to the Indian reporting source, India Today, Anjal did not shy away from showing his hatred against Pakistan. He said he is doing this to show his support to those martyred in Pulwama attacks. Expressing his hateful sentiments, he said Pakistan has never shown any respect for humanity and human values. Ironic enough, the statements were made amidst the violent protests in India itself and mistreatment of Kashmiri people, particularly students.

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”Pakistan never valued humanity, and that it never would. And that is why everyone should say Pakistan Murdabad from their hearts.” – he said. 
The article was originally published in India Today.
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