Saylani Welfare Trust refuses to give ration to the Hindu labor community in Lyari

"The ration is only for Muslims, not for Hindus."


Amid Covid-19 outbreak, the Sindh government issued an order to distribute rations during the lockdown through local NGOs and administration to daily wage workers and laborers.

The Hindu community of Lyari did not receive the ration distributed by the government. The ration was given by the Saylani Welfare Trust in Lyari Town, Karachi, Sindh.

Saylani Welfare Trust

A Hindu labor woman told a source, “The Saylani Trust workers asked us, not to queue. We did leave the queue and thought that they might give us later. However, when the workers distributed the ration to others and did not give any to us, we asked why. They looked at us and said the ration is only for Muslims, not for Hindus.”

Veerag Mehshwari, an activist in Lyari, reported that the Mehshwari community’s people came to Karachi for work and were laborers and sweepers. Due to the lockdown, they could not go back to their homes and had to stay here.

When the Sindh government announced the ration to be distributed among laborers, people tried to contact an organization that was assigned to distribute foodstuff. The organization did not respond to the workers when they showed their identity as Hindu. Moreover, the Hindu community decided to go to the head office of the welfare Trust, where the ration was distributed.

Veerag Mehshwari added, “The Welfare Trust asked labors to show them their Identity Card carrying their village address. After viewing the cards, the organization said the ration was only for the citizens of Karachi.

Mehshwari further added that the Sindh government distributed the ration for everyone – it does not matter where you live in the province.

Nonetheless, Mehshwari contacted a local member of a Union Council and complained about the situation, but he did not help and told them that they were not voters.

“I have voted twice in Karachi,” Mehshwari said.

Maheshwari further added, “Hindu politicians should come and help us. Everyone is a worker, and they do not have food.”

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  • There is more to this story, stop defaming saylani without verifying the news. Specially when such organizations are needed more than ever

    • Thats true media is a shameful profession these days. If they were distributing zaqat or sadaqa that cannot to go other then muslims. If they had grants from the government they can distribute those to any fellow Pakistani

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  • Yar fif ko bahal karo wo firkon or mazahb se alehda hokar insaniyat ki khidmat krtay hain

  • Well this website should see indian media what they are doing Muslims and Islam there how they are treating them after few case came forward from tablegi jammat look them how they are spreading hate against Islam and Muslim when million of Hindu labours are walking back home but they are not targeted Islam so shut up

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