SBP facilitates overseas Pakistanis with alternative arrangement for biometric verification

The step has been taken assuring the full support of the banks to overseas Pakistanis. 

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To facilitate overseas Pakistanis, the SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) has sent out directives and detailed instructions regarding biometric verification. According to a statement issued yesterday, SBP has sketched out an alternative arrangement to facilitate expatriates for biometric verification. 


According to the alternative arrangement, now overseas Pakistanis can approach their respective banks via email or surface mail, providing identity documents as a valid passport, CNIC, visa, and NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) as a substitute arrangement for biometric verification for opening their bank accounts.

The arrangement has been made in accordance with the central bank’s continuous monitoring of the progress of the banking industry with respect to biometric verification. The step has been taken assuring the full support of the banks to overseas Pakistanis.

Non-residents have been facing the issue because of non-verification of biometrics:

Many Pakistanis that were overseas faced difficulties since due to the non-verification of their biometrics, their bank accounts were blocked. Complaints were filed to Federal Ombudsman regarding this matter. As per the details, Pakistanis thought their blockage to be unreasonable since their biometric data was already present with NADRA Verification System or NICOP.

Ombudsman was requested to solve their problems. Later on, Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad, Grievance Commissioner of Overseas Pakistanis at the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat, asked a report from the State Bank of Pakistan relating this issue.

SBP’s issuance of an SRO:

An SRO was issued by the State Bank, guiding all Pakistan-based banks to use the data/VERISYS of NADRA for biometric verification of their consumers that aren’t residing in Pakistan.

As for those who aren’t outside of Pakistan for a short period of time, a new NADRA VERISYS may be conducted by the bank and retrieve their biometric verification until they return back to the country, in 6 months. It was also decided that as soon as the customer comes back to Pakistan, their biometric must be done.

Further on, the State Bank said that if there is a joint account and one holder isn’t in Pakistan, then the biometric of the other holder residing in Pakistan should be done, while the same method (as mentioned above) should be used for the other partner. (READ MORE HERE)

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