The scandalous lives of Pakistani cricketers: Rumors that broke the internet

Time and again, we have seen several cricketers being stuck in the middle of controversies.

Pakistani cricket team

Pakistanis are more passionate about cricket than any other sport played worldwide. This is precisely why cricket players enjoy an incredible celebrity status. All this fame comes at a price; cricketers are continuously under the radar of the media.

Being monitored this closely means that these sports celebrities often find themselves engulfed in scandals. These rumors seldom go unnoticed and end up making rounds on social media. Time and again, we have seen several cricketers being stuck in the middle of controversies.

Here’s a list of Pakistani cricketers who broke the internet with their controversial scandals:

1. Imam-Ul-Haq

Veteran cricketer Imam-ul-Haq, the nephew of Inzamam-ul-Haq, has been accused of cheating on multiple women and exploiting them. The controversy began when a Twitter user posted defaming screenshots on the internet. The screenshots exposed the cricket player’s WhatsApp messages that sent social media into a frenzy. Many began doubting the cricketer’s conduct, while others pointed fingers at the girls involved in the scandal.

2. Shaheen Afridi

It isn’t wrong to say that 19-year-old Shaheen Shah Afridi is the heartthrob of the Pakistani cricket team. However, this star player has had his fair share of scandals too. Rumor has it that Shaheen Afridi, like Imam-ul-Haq, was involved in romantic relationships with several girls simultaneously.

3. Abdul Razzaq

While speaking to a media outlet, former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq revealed that he has had numerous extramarital affairs. The 39-year-old former cricketer confessed that he has had five-six affairs, out of which he dated one of the women for as long as a year and a half. It is pertinent to mention that a few women who have been rumored to have an affair with Razzaq are stage performer Deedar and Bollywood actress Tamanna Bhatia.

4. Imad Wasim

According to media reports, Imad Wasim was rumored to have been in a physical relationship with a woman of Afghan descent while the cricketer was in London. The woman claimed that the cricketer abandoned her after just one month of being together and avoided all means of contact. Angry at his behavior, the woman posted images and videos on the internet, which turned out to be fabricated.

5. Shahid Afridi

One of the biggest cricket scandals was when Indian actress and model Arshi Khan accused Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi of an extramarital affair. The actress took to Twitter and posted:

Yes, I had sex with Afridi! Do I need the Indian media’s permission to sleep with someone? It’s my personal life. For me, it was love.

However, Shahid Afridi put all rumors of their alleged love affair to bed when the media confronted him.

6. Wasim Akram

Rumors regarding a possible relationship surrounded Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram when the two judged a reality show together. When the media asked Sushmita about the affair, she said:

I am incredibly fond of Wasim. But should I start having an affair with every man I am friends with? Being in a relationship is a big deal, and the day I am in one, I will surely tell everyone. I won’t keep people guessing.

On the other hand, in an interview, Wasim Akram said:

I am really fed up with these rumors and speculations made in the media. I decided to take a year off from the Indian Premier League because I wanted to give time to my two sons, who are growing up and need their father close to them. Right now, my entire focus is on spending quality time with them. There is no plan in my life now to get married.

7. Imran Khan

Former cricketer and current Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has often made headlines for his affairs and multiple marriages. From Jemima Khan to Reham Khan, women have continuously surrounded PM Khan’s life. One of the most scandalous rumors surrounding Imran Khan was when Sita White (PM Khan’s once love interest) bore a child, Tyrian Jade, and claimed Khan was the father.

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  • He does not have the guts to accept his own daughter let alone the hope of giving 2 cents about 22 crore awaam. PTI bus lollipop denay mai no 1 hai. Lage raho.

    • I think Imran Khan is gift for Pakistan from almighty .Just look what has he achieved so far. Why 90 percent of overseas Pakistanis who are much more educated and aware are in his favor of Imran khan. Can any body tell me a single thing done by Imran Khan which had brought shame for the country. Glimpse of his leadership can be seen how he handled Covid19 crisis and how he made Pakistan a great country again and how he cut Modi to his size in the eyes of the world.

      • I support Jami ud deen sb point of view. All IK haters should be ashamed of themselves for talking against the only sincere and honest politician in Pakistan.

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