Our media is brave enough to speak against politicians and the establishment but scared of Hameed Haroon

Two months later, December 28, 2019 Jamshed has named his assailant - Hameed Haroon.


In October 2019, a filmmaker named Jamshed Mehmood took to Twitter to tell the world that he had been sexually assaulted by a powerful media tycoon but didn’t name the assailant.

He came forward when a professor had committed suicide because he had been falsely accused of sexual assault by a student of his – when the investigation proved otherwise he took his own life.

This event led to the general Pakistani public ridiculing the #MeToo movement. The logic behind that? One woman’s false accusation vs Thousands of real cases. If one “bad woman” can ruin the name of all women leading everyone to not believe them, why don’t the actions of one “bad man” not lose credibility of all men?

Seeing the outrage, Jamshed came forward to say that he, as a man, had been assaulted and he had to keep quiet because the assailant was a man in power.

But what happened when he told his story? Some said “men can’t be raped” , some dismissed him because he hadn’t named the perpetrator and others asked why he’s coming out now after 13 years?

A survivor has all the right to share or not share their experiences. They choose when they are ready – no one decides this for them.

Two months later, December 28, 2019 Jamshed has named his assailant – Hameed Haroon.

Hameed Haroon is the CEO of Dawn News – one of the biggest names in the News industry.

Jamshed had to go through trauma, months of therapy and had to leave the country for a while. Because one man in power thought he could do whatever he wanted to him.

If a man can do this to another man and get away with it for 13 years, what’s to say that he hasn’t done it to many more people?

Why is the general media so quick to hop onto a story when a politician or celebrity is named but goes silent when it’s someone that holds a position of power in the same industry as them?

Will we always be brushing vile acts of sexual assault under the rug? Protected the assailants and silencing the survivors?

When will we take sexual assault seriously?

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