See how the School of Fine Arts and Music is giving a new purpose to Central Jail Prisoners' lives

The wardens and jail management are also delighted by the School of Fine Arts and Music's inmate art program.

The School of Fine Arts and Music, established in 2008, has become a lifeline for prisoners in Karachi\\’s Central Jail. Approximately 6,200 inmates take classes at the institute\\’s art program and are prospering in unimaginable ways.

A media outlet reports that currently, 700 prisoners of Karachi\\’s Central jail are learning various creative skills from the program. These skills include painting, music, jewelry making, language training, and even embroidery.

Rahim Bugti, a death row inmate at the Central Jail, says:

Taking art classes has made my life easier. I am not only learning art, but also new skills. Had it not been for these classes, I would have become a psycho.

In 2007, Bugti was given a death sentence for his involvement in the militant attacks on Balochistan\\’s armed forces.

The wardens and jail management are also delighted by the School of Fine Arts and Music\\’s inmate art program. They say:

The program calms the inmates and also prepares them to lead a good life after release.

It should be noted that most of the instructors of the fine arts program are inmates who used to attend classes at the school when the program first started. The jail authorities provide material for the art, and the classes are held in two shifts.

The ingenious paintings created by the prisoners are then sold at high prices. The amount generated from these sales is sent to the inmates\\’ households. This activity gives the prisoners a form of relief and gives their life a purpose as they are able to provide for their families.

Before the program, prisoners had no skills or education to ensure income generation. Ever since the program began, the inmates are now working, learning, and are motivated to doing more things. The School of Fine Arts and Music aims to ensue inmate participation that helps lessen hostility amongst prisoners and helps them form close bonds with their families.

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