Renowned Islamic Philosopher Speaks On “Science, Mysticism and Future of Muslim World” Exclusively With IPRI [VIDEO]

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In an exclusive interview with the Islamabad Policy Research Institute, the world’s renowned Islamic philosopher, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, spoke about Science, Mysticism, and the Future of the Muslim World.

Nasr is an Islamic philosopher and Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University. He is considered one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the world for his work on Islamic belief and philosophy.

Seyyed Hossein is the only Muslim to be included in the Library of Living Philosophers. He is the author of 50 books and over 500 articles. 

During the interview, he expressed his love for Pakistan, saying he treated Pakistan as his own country and reminded the audience of his interactions and associations with Pakistan.

In his message to Muslim leaders across the globe, the Muslim scholar said we must try to preserve our Islamic heritage, our identity, lifestyle, and ethical values.

“Starting from Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, there is a revival of interest in Sufism on a practical and intellectual level. I believe that the first duty of all Muslim countries, especially Pakistan, which was created for the sake of Islam, is to preserve our Islamic heritage, which includes our identity, our religious life, and ethical standards.”

He concluded by advising the local scholars and intellectuals to become intellectuals of their own society instead of mirroring the intellectuals in the west.

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