See What Happened When Justin Trudeau Wished Hindus Diwali ‘Mubarak’

Justin Trudeau is a global icon who is equally admired by people of all religions and races. He has practically preached harmony and peace, which is both very considerate and compassionate. He is seen celebrating events of all communities with equal passion to give them a sense of belonging. However, things turned a little unexpected this time. Justin took to Twitter to extend his warm wishes on Hindu festival Diwali. But he said ‘Diwali Mubarak’ and people got a little salty.

Twitterati says that this is not how you wish Diwali. As ‘Mubarak’ is an Arabic word, it is inappropriate to use it for a Hindu event.

People said that it is ‘Shubh Diwali’, and he needs to correct it. Although Shubh, Badhai, and Mubarak have similar meanings, people said that they are disappointed in his ‘use of language’.

However, some people sad that its the true sentiment behind the wish that matters.

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