In Search Of Jinnah’s Pakistan – What Went Wrong?

There are very few people that walked with such determination and grace, that they altered the entire course of history, few still modify the world’s map while hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state like our beloved leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. These words are not coming from a patriotic nationalist but in fact, were spoken by American writer Stanley Wolpert in his book Jinnah of Pakistan.

On 25th December we see self-proclaimed patriots (and we all are guilty of falling in the category) flooding social media with quotes and tribute pictures, but how firmly have we stood on what he actually preached?
Sadly we have done nothing except painting the school walls with words ‘Unity, Faith, Discipline’, making them plain slogans rather than the principles that HAD to be accepted and implemented. When on one hand we have raised drones – mindless individuals who lack civic sense  – through our education system and on the other, we have extremists fanatics who have only learned to follow not lead, we lost the real essence of Quaid’s Pakistan.

So the question arises, what exactly did he envision of? Quaid’s Pakistan was a sovereign democratic state where the law would be supreme. His Pakistan had every segment of society working hard in their capacity to contribute towards the betterment of the society. His dream had a strong essence of hard work, honesty, tolerance, and dedication. His dream was a prosperous land – just like his flag – where green and the white knew how to coexist with harmony.

Unfortunately, the country whose boundaries were demarcated not to divide but to protect has been used to create an ethnic, provincial and religious divide by hate mongers and we have fallen for it. The disappointing part is how we have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to this. Change right now seems an unachievable task because we have mentally submitted to everything that is happening, reaching a delusional point where we don’t even feel anything is wrong anymore.

This year lets promise ourselves to adopt one habit that will contribute to achieving Jinnah’s dream. Let’s see the change all of us can make in our own capacities through this one year and gift it on Quaid’s next birthday. Let’s collectively reject bowing down to the erroneous, because follow a leader who said NO!
We belong to the national lead by a man who said failure is a word unknown to him and it’s the time we prove it. Our ancestors presented their sweat and blood to gift this precious country to us, now it’s our turn to prove we are worthy of this glorious past.

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