We searched Cynthia D. Ritchie, Here’s what Google says about her

The 38-year-old blogger describes herself as a global citizen.


The American woman Cynthia D. Ritchie, who has shaken the foundations of the Pakistan People Party, claims to be an adventurist, self-claimed filmmaker, and blogger. She recently became the talk of the town after disclosing personal and private information about the members of the party.

The 38-year-old blogger describes herself as a global citizen. During an interview with a local news outlet, she reveals how her childhood desire to be Indiana Jones (a fictional adventurist) led her to Pakistan and that the people’s love keeps bringing her back.


Ritchie is now living in Pakistan and is reportedly close to the ruling establishment. She first visited Pakistan in 2009 as a tourist and showed the positive image of Pakistan to the world.

There used to be a website www.cynthiaritchie.com, which had the blogger’s biography, but it has been disabled since Pakistanis raised questions about her qualifications. That defunct website said she had made “TV commercials for AT&T, Political Campaigns, and HGTV. However, the website did not explain what political campaigns she worked on.

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  • How we do a search on Ayyan Ali? Who was a bag courier full of US dollars for Zardaree Harami also.

  • اس خاتوں کو اپنے ملک واپس جا کے بہادری دکھانی چاہیے.

    دیسی سیاستدان احمق اور جاہل ہیں اس کے چکر میں آ جاتے ہیں اور ابھی بہت سے این گے.


  • Only in Pakistan a mere tourist can create a political storm. This woman never spoke of any mess in her country, has no remarkable feat of social activism in her own country yet in Pakistan she has become a top political celebrity. Why? Because the inferiority complex ridden Pakistanis turn every White skin into a god.

  • She was declared the Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan, Cynthia D. Ritchie, she tweeted ShukriyaPakistan for educating me, 

    She loved Pakistan and its people, she had no bad experience from people till she met the leaders of People Party , who are known to us as the cheapest category of any living creature. What ever she says about PPP leader being involved, I think 98% Pakistanis already know that this is what these PPP are known for, in their villages, muhallas, jurisdictions, and have treated the same to every one in their party, they all are actually naked under one shower.

  • top class prostitute. now her demand is going down due to age factor and also her punani is as wide as kohat tunnel so trying to get attention by cheap stunts like veena or hareem shah. she is a western  photocopy of hareem shah. mil establishment took her out to do character assassination of Pakistani politician so they can amend 18th amendment. these strategies are out dated  in 21 century. our mil establishment should not use such filthy tactics and women for their agendas

  • jo kuch US mayn ho raha hay, uskay baray mayn bhi iska koi tweet aaya hay k nahi?

    Ghatya game start krdi phir say estab walon nay, cheap stunts, pakistani politics sirf aur sirf aur gandi hogi…. bahi unn politicians ka personal masla hay k wo kesay rehtay hayn, kis kay sath sotay hayn ya apna free time kahan guzartay hayn… iss aurat ko chayey tha tab bolti jab rape howa tha, isko pata nhi kiya k rape kiya hota hay…. amreeka nay aint say aint baja deni thi isko insaf denay k liye aur hamraray foji bahio nay reymond davis ki trha iskay agay jhuk jhuk k isko insaf dilwana tha… hamari awam bhi farigh hay, bahi politicians ki private life choro, unki performance dekho, corruption dekho, wo cheezayn check karo jinsay awam pay effect hota hay, ab rehman malik kiskay sath sota hay, wo gori hay ya kali, iss say mazdoor ki life pay kya faraq paray ga…

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