Second Edition of ‘Cubing Pakistan’ to Take Place on December 21st

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The second edition of Cubing Pakistan is all set to take place in Islamabad on the 21st of December. Following the success of the first edition of the cubing competition, the organizers have decided to hold the competition every year in the country.

The first edition was held last year and it turned out to be a great success with hundreds of participants from all over the country. The competition was held following the tireless efforts of a young Pakistani, Abdullah Gulab, who is currently an engineering student at the University of Toronto (UofT).

Abdullah Gulab – the Pakistani champion:

With his efforts, Cubing Pakistan was recognized by the World Cube Association in its first edition. Furthermore, Mr. Abdullah has also been selected as the first-ever official delegate for Pakistan. Now he is eligible to officiate the upcoming event in Islamabad.

The second edition will be held on December 21st, 2019 at the main Auditorium, Air University, E-9, Islamabad.

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You can register yourself at the official website of Cubing Pakistan.

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  • Pakistan is proud of our expatriates who after achieving higher education intends to come back and serve Pakistan. This young man has done and achieved many laurels. Good Luck, Abdullah Gulab

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