Second Murder Attempt on Religious Scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza in three years

Many people on social media have condemned the extremely disturbing incident.

 Scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

Famous Islamic Scholar, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza, survived a second assassination attempt on Sunday.

According to details, the attacker visited the Quran academy at a weekly meeting and attempted to kill the cleric with a knife while taking a picture with him.

Mirza escaped without injuries and is safe. However, further information regarding the incident has yet to be confirmed.

Many people on social media have condemned the extremely disturbing incident.

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  • This is very unfortunate. The extremists and Taikhaidar of Islam can’t tolerate him. He would be killed one day by these extremist Jahileen-sacts because they don’t have any answer for his questions and arguments. That’s why Dr Ghamidi has been run away from these Jahileen.

    Allah Ta’alah may protect him.

  • He should leave Pakistan as soon as possible and live in Canada or USA . Such mother fuckers that have no answers of his all words they are doing all such bullshit . They will attempt on him again . Allah bless him and keep him safe from such bloody rascals .

  • yeh firko ki dukan band nae kr rha balkya firko ki dukan khol k baitha hai sub sy zeyada fasad barpa kr rha hai yeh

  • Jo Sahaba e Kiram ke baaray mai ghalat bakwaaas karta hai wo kaisay mubalig ho sakta hai

  • It is really shocking news for me.Allah bless him ans safe from jealous people. But he must care and protect himself in future.

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