See How Abdul Razzaq Spills Some Secrets Of His Fellow Players – It’s Hilarious!

Pakistani’s are affiliated to cricket on a spiritual level. If we say that a win or a loss in a match can make or break our days, it stands true. In all this, we usually only have expectations from the team which can be quite pressurizing for them. But inside the locker room, the situation is different. Abdul Razzaq spills out some of the secrets recently in a show which left the audience giggling.

On the question of who is the funniest and the jolliest one, Razzaq came up with a few names including Lala, however, he said that Yousaf has the best sense of humor. He said that the players would mock him calling him ‘marasi’ when they would run out of comebacks. Surprised, right?

He further added that Wasim Akram was a little defensive and hated being at the receiving end of jokes. How funny, he looks like a pretty chill guy!

Razzaq additionally said that as Wasim was the senior, all of them had to respect his jokes and preferably not respond to them as it made him aggressive.
In another question and answers round, Razzaq was asked that if he had a choice to check phone of Imad, Shahzad and Umar Akmal, whose will he check? He said ‘teeno aik category kay hain’ and then said ‘Ahmad Shehzad’.

When asked for the reason he said ‘zara wo hay flirty type’. Absolutely hilarious!

Then the next question targeted Razzaq himself and his response was really funny. The host asked him that if he is going alone on a heavy bike and had to give a lift to one of these three women, whom will it be. He named Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan and….well before the host could say the third name, Razzaq said Mahira! When asked for the reason, he said because she is quite charming!

Watch the complete show here:

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